Goals for January through April.

Well this is my last semester in art school. I have a big performative project that I am working on. For the purpose of my independent study I will be constructing 2 nice costumes and a few artifacts. The costumes are kind of elaborate so I'm going to break each one down into parts, so I can blog about their creation. Later I will update this blog post with links the working posts. With out further ado...

click to see larger viewThe Glamazon Costume
-Wig with Battle Tiarra
-Make Up Design
-Bird Bra
The Bear Costume
-Bear Mask
-Hairs Sleeves
-Nipple Pastes
-Underwear with Tail and Penis.
-Bear Feet

click to see larger view

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bear Feet

This week end I started and finished my polar bears feet.

Below are some photo references that came in hand (or footy)... actually I pretty much ignored them for the most part... click on them for their source websites.

I started the project by grabbing these pair of shoes from my boot rack. My Wife found them for me on the street two years ago ago and they are pretty nice, but the back have pretty much warn out, so I'm gonna recycle them.

I also found this foam tube material on the street. Cutting them into toe and nail shaped objects I hot glued them on the ends. Also I hot glued white fleece to the soul, I tried to use gorilla glue, but it doesn't seem to work well for fabric and rubber combos... or I'm to impatient to wait for it for dry.

I covered half the toes and the lower half of the shoes with a light fuzzy fabric. Notice how the toes are a bit up turned, this is so I can still wal normal and not fall over during a performance, knock on wood.

I think the rubber material I used on the paw prints is Gortex... but I could be mistaken. Anyway it have good grip to it for sure.

End of day one. Top and bottom of the shoes.
Next Morning I'm back to work.

I didn't take any pictures during this part really. I made this leggings with fun fur and elastic band at the top. There is a bit of Velcro near the heal that opens up so I can slip my shoe on. I then hand sewed the bastards on to my shoes, which was kind of a pain in the ass to tell you the truth. I had to use a cordless drill sometimes to peirce the leather of the shoes, and the fur would occasionally catch it and get all twisted... anyway. It's done.

Actually, it's not done. Once the rest of my costume is more complete I may add the following:
1. kneepads.
2. Sandle straps that tie up the legs.
3. I may trim the hair to shape the legs better.

We'll see.

Side note I have been listening to the Catcher in the Rye audio book. I first read it in high school, almost ten years ago. I still like it. I forgot how much white guilt Holden feels through out the book as he gets depressed ever time he thinks about people less privileged and such. I'm probably projecting, but the boy seems to be pretty queer too, and apparently attracts alot of flitty attention from perverts... I kinda forgot about all that, but I probably was pretty interested in all that in high school too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bear Video Reference

This Blog is getting a little out of hand! It's been a while since I've clarified my project.
But I'm not going to do that right now, all you need to know is that it involves bears.

The following is a quick reference post of videos from Youtube featuring bears.
This will help me study their movements, behavior and aesthetics when creating bear related performance work.

Polar Bears are Dogs best friends.

A national Geographic report on Alaskan Brown Bears

Proof the Grizzly Bears love snow-piles.

The rescue of "Nature's Real Comedians" from the dancing bear industry in India.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


My brother gave me the audio book version of Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. I like audio books as I an listen to them while drawing or animating or what ever. The book tells us a brief history of scientific discoveries and their significance. It really got me thinking about science, which was helpful when I was working on "Robot Boi and the Amazing Plant People" a queer scifi movie I was editing.

Speaking of Science, this book Monster's by Ken Dahl, taught me a bit about biology. Nice work.

I found it in November at the Montreal Expozine. I wasn't sure what it was about but a quick flip through drew my eye to the following image which sold me on the book.

Ken Dahl was even there to sign the book for me, and drew a little picture. When he stared drawing the hat, I thought he was drawing a bird. But then he drew the rest of the body, and then at the end he drew a bird sitting on the hat. When I told him I was thinking of birds he hinted at some latent psychic abilities...

As it turns out the book is a narrative about dealing with herpes. It's a pretty interesting look at shame and slf hatred, but it has a happy ending. It has some good facts in it about herpes. Also I learned about how cells work and how an infection is created. Ha, and I thought biology was boring. Plus... the art is beautiful.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Glamazon and Bear Drawings!

Here's a drawing of the proposed Glamazon costume I plan on making this month.

Here too, is a simple colored version.

Also here's a bear costumes. I'm not as happy with this bear-man. The drawing looks much like a were-wolf, and the line quality is not as nice. So hopefully the actual costume comes out emphasizing the Bear qualities.

Gay birds. in Zine format.

At the Montreal Expozine I picked a nice short little zine, called "My Animal Gayducation" This chapter, (presumably in a series) talks about the Roseate Coackatoo, and how it often pairs off in same sex partnerships. It talks about the rituals these birds do together, which I think I'm ging to encorporate into my Glamazon mythology. The zine is pretty short, so really if I go into much detail, I'll remove ll value from the object and the publishers my shake me down for some cash.
So go hear to buy your own.

kid Stuff makes me sad.

Every thing I see with children in it lately makes me sad.
Course, I've been seeking it out a bit.
In my telling tales class I had a written about my father's death when I was too young to understand what that was all about. As well as a bit of reflecting on youth for my artist statement. I had kind of a sad childhood in many ways. But all in all I'm a pretty happy person.

Anyway, here's a story that'll make you wanna kill yourself.
Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, by Chris Ware.

This amazingly illustrated graphic tells of a man-child meets his father for the first time with a parallel story of his grandfather as a boy growing up without a mother.

This panel ends the book. A Superman saves the day. Thank Goodness.

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE! a film by Spike Jones.

Again, emotionally complex children facing a troubling world. But at least for the most part we get to have some fun in a foreign land. I really enjoyed everything about this film, especially the fact that it was incredibly depressing. Oh Loneliness, even monsters fear you.

I feel like their were other things I wanted to mention, but it slips my mind right now. To remedy my sad child kick, someone suggested I get some positive kid content.

So this weekend while animating I had movies going on in the background: the Princess Bride, Pom Poko, and Ghostbusters. I also listened to a Wizard of Oz Audio book, and I'm excited to read this copy I bought over the winter break.

I originally bought it for my nephew, but he's too young to read.... So I'm gonna wait a year or so to give it too him. In the meantime, I'm gonna get some enjoyment out of it.

As you can see, it has awesome Photo Illustrations by Graham Rawle.

I think its pretty rad. I forgot how much this Oz Cartoon inspired me as a kid.

This show had some sweet transgendered elements, as the young boy Tip is magically transformed into the Princess Ozma. Apparently she had been turned into a boy as a baby to protect her, but then turned back in a pubescent age. Wild.

Artist Statement - November 2009

Who knows what would have happened to me, if Supergirl hadn’t come through my television set to give me super powers and a sex change. This dream of an improbable transformation haunted my childhood. Although I knew my imagination was powerful, the world was constantly reminding me to keep it to myself. I became very secretive about my thoughts and elaborate fantasy life. My communication skills suffered and fitting in proved difficult. It my Mom was the first to suggest Art as an alibi. I didn’t have to like sports because I was her ‘creative son’. I took to this idea and art became my primary form of communication.

For years I had been living in a parallel reality. Through out my mundane life I would think about my various super-powered alter-egos and what their world was like. This was the start of my performative practice. Using art to bridge the gap between my fictional world and repressive reality. I make costumes and props for my personas. They appear in many forms; performances, videos, comic, blogs and photography. The ephemeral objects left behind can also prove their existence. I want to articulate every part of their world, and I want to do it on the cheap.

Capitalism has played an important role in molding my brain to absorb non-stop visual stimuli. Movies, television and a world of endless ad campaigns have all done there job selling me lifestyle but I remain critical. I want glamour but without the budget; that is why I started dumpster diving. Incorporating garbaged goods has left me with a funky post-apocalyptic aesthetic. My videos definitely carry a D.I.Y. aesthetic, highlighting the awesome potential of homemade costumes and low-budget digital effects.

At the present I am still looking for my super powers but I am becoming more comfortable as a transgendered person. My inter-personal skills seem to have caught up to my age but I am glad for the critical insight early social rejection afforded me. I have been drawing more than regular and will be producing a few comic books. With in 10 years I will make a feature length movie, perhaps about a super girl and her gender bending sidekick.